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CREATE offers the following one-day courses designed to help you develop a range of enterprise skills.

Do You Want to be Your Own Boss?

This workshop will help you explore how to start a business, based on sound principles of creative business practice, and introduce you to the local enterprise support organisations.

Presentation for Success

This workshop will introduce you to the importance of being able to present yourself to different audiences and develop your ability to articulate a convincing point of view.

Creative Problem Solving

This workshop will help you recognise the importance of creativity/problem solving as a key employability skill and help you differentiate between being creative and being innovative.

These workshops can also be delivered as 2-hour workshops across the academic partnership.  


Early Career Enterprising Researcher Workshops


Online Delivery

1-day workshops delivered virtually with substantial online resources.


Why are these programmes relevant and why now?

Careers take different shapes, and the traditional view of a researcher's career is constantly being challenged.  Whatever your field of research you work in, you will want it to ultimately have value by creating social, economic, or cultural impact.

These workshops aim to explore how impact can be enhancedf by employing creative thinking techniques; proactively seeking out opportunities to collaborate with new partners; gaining influence and research uptake and impact; and extending careers outside academia.  Innovation and enterprise skills are considered key attributes of a researcher, but we may not often recognise these in ourselves.

Given how quickly the research environment and funding landscape is evolving, it is increasingly important that researchers are confident in the language of enterprise and business and industry sponsors.  These workshops help the researcher increase their awareness of the issues; and identify and build on their entrepreneurial thinking and skills.  

What's covered?

  • The Global Research Environment
  • Future-Proof your Skillset
  • Generate Ideas
  • Innovation and Impact
  • Knowledge Exchange in the context of a University Setting
  • Networking

Who is it for and what does it cost?

Designed for early career research students and staff, participants are being funded to access the programme via the Universities Innovation Fund.  The funding includes attendance at a one-day virtual workshop and access to all online materials/support.


How to apply?

Applications should be emailed to and include:
  1. Your current details with an outline of your role/current research focus
  2. Your availability to attend from 10am to 4pm on one of the following dates:
Early-career enterprising resarcher workshops -
  • TBA (contact for further information) (online)

Places on the workshop are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  All applicants will be notified by email when a place has been awarded.



When it comes to CPD, we are leading the way with enterprising approaches to develop your staff.  Our courses have been independently evaluated and deliver a significant, positive impact upon staff motivation, customer experience and organisational growth.

SEE Educator Development Programme

The Scottish Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Educators' Programme gives opportunities for personal and professional development, and supports educators to become informed, flexible and professional enterprise educators.  Click here to view the SEE page on this site

If you wish to find out more about any of these courses please click here to contact the CREATE team.