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"I was very close to calling a day on my teaching but I am now inspired not only to make significant changes to my own practice but also to encourage others to do the same."
SEE Participant
“SEE is creating a new generation of enterprise educators and is supporting the development of new and creative approaches across the tertiary education sector in Scotland.”
Keith Burnley CEO NCEE
"No matter how long you have been involved in education, programmes like this can invigorate and refresh attitudes and approaches."
SEE Participant
"Inspiring.  Thought provoking.  Fabulous!"
SEE Participant
"One of the best organised and most enjoyable courses I have undertaken.  It has helped me appreciate more fully the importance of developing an enterprising mindset in both our students and staff."
SEE Participant
"The development of the SEE programme embodies world's best practice in the field of entrepreneurship education.  Entrepreneurship education in Scotland is going in the right direction through encouraging programme directors and staff from non-business disciplines to engage in this form of educational development."
Dr Colin Jones,
Queensland University of Technology, Australia


SEE Participant

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The Scotland's Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators' (SEE) Programme gives opportunities for personal and professional development.  SEE supports individuals to become informed, flexible and professional enterprise educators.

The Scotland's Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators' (SEE) programme has been designed to meet a clearly identified need arising from an increased global demand in the field of entrepreneurship education.  The European Union (2006) describes entrepreneurship as a 'key competence for all, helping young people to be creative and confident in whatever they undertake'.  Within Scotland, Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) supports young people in developing skills which they will use throughout their life and in their work, including the development of enterprise and employability skills.  The Scotland CAN DO Action Framework (2014) outlines the importance placed on entrepreneurship and innovation for increasing sustainable growth. 

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Who is the SEE programme for?

The programme is specifically for educators and those seeking to develop enterprise outcomes for learners. You may work in higher, further education or training with particular groups.

What can it do for me?

Independent evaluation reported that participation in the SEE programme can lead to noticeable change in an educator's mindset, confidence and skills to build entrepreneurial outcomes in others and, in particular, the programme:

  • Contributes by further embedding the entrepreneurship culture within teaching
  • Provides educators with the skills, understanding and confidence to enable change within their individual teaching and to share their skills/good practice with colleagues
  • Creates evidenced change (eg mindset/culture, course/module content, teaching methods, CPD training methods).

How will my institution benefit?

SEE will help you play a more strategic and practical role in enabling your higher education institution or college to unlock the potential of its staff and students, harness potential opportunities with business and other external stakeholders.



UHI Academic and Research Staff - Professional Entrepreneurial Learning and Development Programme

For more information on this active and immersive, non-accredited, 2-day residential programme designed for academic staff and researchers from the University of the Highlands and Islands partnership including what's covered and how to apply, please email

Contact our staff directly at if you require any further information.