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Scottish Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators Programme

"I have been able to influence change planning through increased knowledge and hope to continue my input and increase the emphasis and opportunities for enterprise across the college."

SEE Participant

"I was very close to calling a day on my teaching but I am now inspired not only to make significant changes to my own practice but also to encourage others to do the same."

SEE Participant

The SEE Programme is a staff development programme to provide a high quality personal and professional development and equip participants to become informed, flexible and professional enterprise educators.

“The National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) welcomes the development of the Scottish Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Educators Programme (SEE) as a significant innovation for the tertiary education sector. The programme is underpinned and supported by NCEE experience in enterprise educator development including the International Enterprise Educator Programme.
“SEE is creating a new generation of enterprise educators and is supporting the development of new and creative approaches across the tertiary education sector in Scotland.”

Keith Burnley, Chief Executive Officer, National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education.

The SEE programme was piloted in 2012 and is now recruiting for the third cohort.  Feedback from participants includes: 
  • 'Fantastically resourced programme. Delivery was challenging, fast paced and excellent.'
  • 'A brilliant, mind opening and expanding programme.'
  • 'I have increased my confidence to take forward a range of ideas, both in relation to teaching pedagogy and within the organisation.'

Who is the Programme for? 

The Programme is specifically for educators and those seeking to develop enterprise outcomes for learners. You may work in higher, further education or training with particular groups.

What can it do for me?

The programme is currently an unleveled CPD programme. Throughout the programme, learners compile a record of achievement which draws extensively from the enterprise learning capacities. This record will be a structured, reflective body of evidence that demonstrates the application of learning in the workplace. An approved portfolio will give associate fellowship status of the International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme which can then lead to associated entrepreneurship education professional pathways.

How will my institution benefit?

SEE will help you play a more strategic and practical role in enabling your institution or college to unlock the potential of its staff and students, harness potential opportunities with business and other external stakeholders.

How do I know I'll have access to the latest thinking?

CREATE works closely with Government departments, NCEE and entrepreneurship experts throughout the world.

How is the SEE delivered?

SEE runs over six months - starting with an induction day followed by a 3 day offsite training event, concluding with a one day event 3 months later.

Programme Dates

The programme will begin with a full day seminar focusing on enterprise and entrepreneurship in education, particularly but not exclusively in the UK. This will be followed by a three day residential which is designed to develop group relationships, provide challenging immersive experiences and opportunities to develop as a professional entrepreneurial educator. The programme closes with a final day to consolidate learning and plan for the future. The full programme dates are as follows:

Scottish Enterprise Educators programme (SEE) 2014-15 Location
Day 1 – Induction and Introduction Day Thurs 4 Dec 2014 Dunkeld Hilton
Days 2, 3, 4 - (Residential – 2 Night Stay) Tues 10,
Wed 11 &
Thurs 12 Feb 2015
Crieff Hydro (Residential)
Day 5 – Final Day Thurs 4 June 2015 Scotland’s Development Network (Stirling)

Please note the 2014-15 programme is now full and closed to any new applications.

If you are interested in joining the SEE programme please contact

How much does it cost?

The full programme fee is £1,200 excluding accommodation.  Discounts are available for group bookings.

Who is the programme team?

  • Carol Langston, Programme Director, Head of Create
  • Professor Alison Price, Director of Educator Development, National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE)
  • Guest Entrepreneurs and Academics

Interested and want to apply?

Please contact us at if you are interested in the programme.

Click here for further SEE Programme information

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